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Web Summit gets underway in Lisbon

    07 Nov

    Web Summit gets underway in Lisbon

    By Anna Reid In News

    The 4th Industrial revolution was the topic of the day as the team have a successful first day at Web Summit in Lisbon.

    With 59,000 badges sold and approximately 81,000 people- made up of investors, exhibitors, start-ups, volunteers, celebrities and the like- in attendance, the first day showed why Web Summit deserves its reputation as the biggest and best technology conference in the world.


    The days discussion centred on AI and Robotics, with some speakers suggesting that the we are on the cusp of the 4th Industrial revolution. Both the advantages and disadvantages of this were covered, and there was plenty of talk surrounding the ethics of the next stage of development, the evolution of technology and the need to embrace hybrid or ‘bionic’ models that incorporate both human and machine functionality (see CEO Bill Safran’s thought on these topics here).


    Speakers included Stephen Hawking, Bryan Johnson from Kernal (a startup trying to understand our basic neurological coding) and the UN Secretary Sergio Guterres. But if you are at Web Summit and want to gain a truly impressive insight, do get in touch with Marcio Rodrigues, James Longstaff or Alejandro Buxareo, who will explain how Vizolution can streamline your customer journeys.