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Vizolution runners reach the finish line, meeting target for charity

    viz runners
    07 May

    Vizolution runners reach the finish line, meeting target for charity

    Vizolution runners, Chris Jones and Rhys Williams, have raised £1,030 for Latch Welsh Children’s Cancer Charity by completing the recent ABP Newport Wales Marathon.


    Mr Jones finished in an impressive 4hrs and 25 mins, while Mr Williams clocked in at a slightly quicker 4hrs and 10 mins.


    “For me the marathon was a great experience. It was really perfect weather and a really flat course. There were a couple of tough moments, but the amazing support and the thought of the money that we’d raised kept me going to the end,” said Mr Williams.


    Although Mr Jones did finish the marathon, he is adamant he won’t be repeating the experience any time soon.


    “I didn’t do as much training as I should have so I found it more difficult to keep up the pace towards the end – the thought of all the donations for Latch and support that we had really did get me through the last 6 miles! I’ll be sticking to halves and below in future!” said Mr Jones.


    Latch Welsh Children’s Cancer Charity supports the children and their families who are being treated by the Oncology Unit at the Children’s Hospital of Wales. Around 70 new cases are diagnosed every year in its catchment area from Chepstow to Aberystwyth.


    Vizolution is a market-leading customer experience technology company that helps enterprises streamline their complex journeys into effortless experiences by replicating the qualities of face-to-face interactions in their remote channels.


    To learn more about Latch Welsh Children’s Cancer Charity, visit: