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Vizolution receives Small Stage Venture-Backed Management Team award

    30 Nov

    Vizolution receives Small Stage Venture-Backed Management Team award

    Continuing November’s run of success, Vizolution has been crowned the National Winner of the Small Stage Venture-Backed Management Team at the BVCA Management Team Awards 2018.


    The annual awards features hundreds of companies competing to be named as one of the UK’s most outstanding teams by demonstrating their impact on the national economy and society at large.


    BVCA judges said: "We liked Vizolution's clever use of technology and ‘old economy’ methodology to create a truly scalable business, which has the potential to grow well beyond its already substantial size. The company has now used private equity backing twice and is a great example of what can be achieved under private equity ownership."


    Bill Safran, CEO of Vizolution said: “We have grown significantly in 2018, both in terms of revenue and our global footprint. A reason for our consistent growth is that we are a proven proposition that helps enterprises offer effortless experiences.”


    Growth and expansion have remained consistent themes for Vizolution throughout 2018. As well as opening new offices in Wales, America and Canada, we received £10m investment from RBS, Santander and HSBC, meaning that three of the world’s largest banks are now shareholders in Vizolution. We are also backed by the Development Bank of Wales and Notion Capital.


    “This investment and show of faith will enable us to not only develop new products to add to our suite of solutions, but accelerate our growth into new markets, especially in North and South America,” added Mr Safran. 



    Vizolution initially targeted financial institutions with our unique technology, but our transformational technology has applications in every industry that requires interface between customer and agent, as we are able to replicate the qualities of face-to-face interactions, combined with the convenience of digital at the cost of remote channels.


    In the new year, Vizolution will focus on entering new industries and new markets to add to our growing list of clients in Europe and North America.