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Bill Safran to speak at UK’s largest FinTech conference and trade show

    04 Dec

    Bill Safran to speak at UK’s largest FinTech conference and trade show

    CEO of Vizolution will participate in a ‘High Tech Versus High Touch’ panel discussion with global thought leaders and industry insiders.


    Vizolution will meet many of the UK’s major banks and angel investors, alongside start-ups from all corners of the FinTech world, at FinTech Connect from Dec 5-6.


    The two-day conference, billed as the UK’s largest FinTech conference and trade show, is all set to welcome over 175 exhibitors and partners, 250 expert speakers and 5,000 attendees from the industry who will be there to network, attend conferences and participate in workshops.


    Our CEO, Bill Safran, will also be in attendance to take part in the panel discussion, ‘High Tech Versus High Touch’ on Day 1 (5th December) at 5.30pm.


    “I’m really looking forward to this panel discussion and being able to exchange opinions and insights with other industry insiders,” said Bill Safran. “Rather than being of the view that customer journeys should be High Tech or High Touch, we, at Vizolution, believe it needn’t be an either/or situation. Customers expect an effortless experience in the channel of their choice, in person or remote, and for us this means offering the best of both worlds and offering the benefits of face-to-face interactions with the convenience of digital channels.”


    viz booth

    The busy auditorium from Fintech Connect 2017.


    As a market-leading customer experience technology company, Vizolution helps enterprises streamline their complex journeys into effortless experiences by replicating the qualities of face-to-face interactions in their remote channels. Our omni-channel digital suite allows customers and agents interacting remotely, over the phone or online, to share, display, exchange, complete, verify and sign documents as if they were face to face.


    FinTech Connect has been split into six dedicated conferences, according to key hot topic in the fintech sector: Accelerating Digital Transformation; Reimagining IT & Infrastructure; Insurtech Evolution; Nextgen Regtech And Compliance; Paytech and the Cashless Society; Building on Blockchain; and Fintech Founders Forum.

    “We know that ‘digital transformation’ and ‘customer experience’ are two key themes disrupting industries right now. In our experience, we’ve seen companies view them as separate initiatives - perhaps appointing separate teams to drive them forward - but they need not be.


    “If an enterprise wishes to accelerate their digital transformation, it should start by redesigning the customer experience from the perspective of the user. This will not only create a customer journey that it is more convenient for the customer, but also more cost-efficient for the business. By catching ‘digital misfits’ before they drop off, businesses can encourage customers to complete complex purchasing journeys, by providing a more customer-centric effortless experience,” added Bill Safran.


    Visit Vizolution at Booth E38.