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    Ensuring your cost strategy isn’t costly: 4 things organisations need to do to get more for less

    13 October 2017

    It is understandable that as margins are squeezed in tough market conditions, reducing costs has been a key way to maintain or even improve performance for many businesses. There is, however, a delicate balancing act between ensuring costs are kept to a minimum and maintaining a sufficient level of customer service. Balancing this tight rope is something that requires careful consideration, since excessive cost cutting amounts to a major surgery that can bring with it a high mortality rate. Whilst falling margins require action, a loss of customers could prove fatal....

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    In conversation with Vizolution CEO Bill Safran

    12 October 2017

    Vizolution CEO Bill Safran speaks to Boost&Co about industry regulation, technology and streamlining customer journeys.  ...

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    Want to improve AHT? Hang up the phone

    03 October 2017

    Identifying the best way to measure call centre performance has always been a tricky task. Whether it be net promoter score, customer effort score, or something else entirely, the merits of different measurements are the subject of a debate that is unlikely to be settled anytime soon. One thing is clear though. If you want to know how your call centre is performing, AHT may not provide the answer....

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    Vizolution winners at the Wales Dealmaker Awards 2017

    02 October 2017

    Vizolution are thrilled to be announced as winners of the ‘Venture Capital Deal of the Year’ category at the Wales Dealmaker Awards 2017...

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    Vizolution shortlisted for UK Digital Experience Awards 2017

    29 September 2017

    Vizolution are delighted to be announced as finalists in the Omni-Channel category at the UK Digital Experience Awards alongside O2...

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    The customer journey in insurance

    19 April 2017

      The emphasis on customer experience (CX) is never more apparent than in the insurance industry where the focus has primarily been on price competition driven by a commoditised market....

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    Vizolution appoints Grethe Vaughan as Chief Operating Officer

    20 March 2017

    Grethe takes on the role of COO to provide the operational foundation for the future rapid growth of Vizolution. Grethe will also be tasked with optimising the operations and delivery of the business to deliver maximum value for clients. Grethe brings a wealth of expertise to the role with more than 25 years’ experience across operations roles within technology providers including Ericsson, Anite and most recently as Director of Operations for Ascom....

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    HSBC and Vizolution win the Mortgage Finance Gazette’s Collaborative Innovation award

    30 November 2016

    HSBC’s innovative use of Vizolution’s vDoc customer document portal to improve their mortgage process has won the 2017 award for Collaborative Innovation at the Mortgage Finance Gazette awards...

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    Vizolution CTO meets the First Minister of Wales at Google event

    29 November 2016


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